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American Pickard Studio decorated bowl with apples

C3519. Fine early 20th Century American Pickard Studio decorated porcelain bowl, using a French Limoges blank, signed by John Nessy, having semi-ovate walls sculpted with a border of scrolled acanthus leaf-forms richly reprised in gold on the interior walls, framing fruiting apple-tree branches against a colorful shaded background, reprised by two smaller branches trailing opposing sides of the rim against a divided ground shading from dark-brown to light-yellow, and finished with gold lapping the rim and banded around a low waisted foot.


Royal Copenhagen "Polar Bear Cub Standing" porcelain figurine

Danish Royal Copenhagen Polar Bear Cub Standing painted porcelain figurine.

The painting is rendered by hand, underglaze. The white fur of the bear is achieved by the natural color of the porcelain, and facial features detailed with black eyes, grey muzzle and a tan colored nose. As a finishing touch, the claws are grey.


Danish Bing and Grondahl "Golden Eagle" porcelain figurine

Fine Danish Bing and Grondahl hand-painted porcelain Golden Eagle figurine, standing alerted, with head turned to the right, and wings released, revealing a muscular body and powerful legs ending in sharply taloned feet.

The painting is rendered by hand, underglaze, appropriately bonding with the naturalistic modeling. The feathers are grey-brown flecked with lighter, deepening to black in the tail. The hooked beak is grey emerging from a tan mouth. Similarly, the talons are tan with grey claws.


Royal Doulton "The Old Balloon Seller" figurine

English Royal Doulton Old Balloon Seller painted bone china figurine. Designed in 1929 by L. Harradine, designated HN1315 by Doulton, this figure has become the iconic representative for Royal Doulton figurines. She is shown on page 189 of of Royal Doulton Figures by Desmond Eyeles and Richard Dennis.


Fine set of four German polychrome painted and gilded service plates

Fine set of four German Heinrich painted porcelain service plates, each transfer-printed with a polychrome floral bouquet in a gold-lined medallion adorning the recessed center, bordered by a wide acid cut-back gold band ornamented with acanthus foliage.


"The Proposal" pair of porcelain courting figurines

Tall pair of hand-painted porcelain figurines, The Proposal, depicting an 18th Century young fair-skinned couple of the gentry, a lady accepts a golden ring from a gentleman who holds the box.

Each figure is supported by a shaded brown stump, standing upon a scalloped oval plinth sculpted with a chain of six ā€œCā€-scrolls accented with gold, and strewn with pastel-colored rose-blossoms accompanied by small oval light-green leaves, applied upon a light-green ground bordered with air-brushed gold.