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Victorian paper valentine

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20th Century
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Victorian valentine, a folded serrate scalloped paper card, embossed, printed in colors and decorated with paper-lace and applied decals, opening to a poem. The cover is embossed with a shaped oval centering a floral border, printed in pink with red and white, embellished by a smaller applied gold foil oval enclosing an applied floral bouquet decal, tagged with “True Love,” which, in turn, is framed by an applied rectangular shaped pane of ecru-colored floral paper-lace compassed by three embossed printed paper floral bouquets,respectively tagged “SINCERITY” and “BE MY GUIDE,”and the head and shoulders of a girl wearing a rose in her hair. The interior has an applied paper printed in medium-blue with the conforming shape of the valentine card, decorated with a poem, LOVE’S THRALDOM, framed in an oval edged with short stemmed round-petal flowers cornered by round rayed floral medallions: I love thee And knowest thee What these words say? They say, thou Art my idol, The light of my day! My lips ever tremble Thy name to repeat; My lost heart is lying, Cast down, at thy feet! My love then cast know not, No one can e’er know; Oh! say, would that love be My joy, or my woe? Good overall condition with a small tear on the lower right corner of the cover, loss of the upper left corner of the lace, and a tear in the lower right corner of the lace. Measures 7" x 4 ½"

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Victorian paper valentine


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