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Victorian paper valentine

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20th Century
Description and Overview 

Large Victorian valentine, a folded scallop-and-point paper, embossed, printed in colors and decorated with lace and applied decals, opening to a poetic message.

The cover is embossed with a shaped oval centering a floral border, printed in red with metallic-gold and white, centered with a country courting couple cut-out in an applied a tri-part layered shaped frame, printed in light-blue with a beaded oval centering a beaded scrolled frame embellished with floral bouquets and cornered by birds and Cupids, then a middle layer of white paper lace, which, in turn, is overlaid by a gold embossed white paper lace layer compassed by four printed decals respectively of children with flowers, a white cat and a white dove bearing wishes of “Truly thine,” “An offering of true love,” and “Love unites us.”

The interior on the right is printed in grey-green with a scene of Cupid beside trees, holding a paper scroll inscribed with a poetic message:

                My love for you is pure and True,

                That I would have the same from you,

                And ever constant prove.

                Then deign to cast A look on me,

                 For all I have I’ll share with thee,

                 If you’ll return my Love.

Good overall condition with a few minor creases. Measures 9 ½" x 6 ½"

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Victorian paper valentine


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