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Victorian hanging kerosene lamp with colored prisms

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19th Century
20th Century
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American Victorian Electrified Hanging Kerosene Lamp,featuring a painted white milk-glass conical shade and a round stamped brass font fitted with brilliant multi-colored wheel-cut leaded glass pendants. The shade is hand-decorated with a light-blue cusped band anchoring four amber-brown shaded leafy festoons swagged on diamond-pendants with leafy drops between inverted fans of shaded green leaves embellished with pale grey shadow foliage, and finished with a gilded rim. The font is stamped brass, having a torus-shape with an open center, and low rounded shoulders circumscribed by four jeweled floriform drops centering scrolled leaves between inverted rayed half-blossoms anchoring beaded drops, and fitted with a round burner. The shade is united to the font with a stamped brass strap-work harp featuring two rope-twisted supports buttressed with large “S”-scrolls, mounted at a trefoil-and-scallop stamped brass ring crowning the shade, and an inverted similarly shaped ring, embellished with a stamped floral trail above wheel-cut glass colored pendants, girding the font. The girdle on the font is decorated with a lined band of bellflowers and starflowers repeating between paired leaves, above twenty-one lapidary wheel-cut glass two-part pendants in amber, emerald-green, light-blue, and colorless, each featuring a small pyramidal “button” sculpted like a brilliant-cut gemstone, above a pointed “icicle”-shaped drop. The pendants include three emerald-green, three light-blue, three in shades of amber, and twelve colorless glass. The crown-ring on the shade is fitted with three evenly spaced fitter-screws each capped with a floral molded disc. The lamp hangs from two brass chains used by a pulley nested within a molded domed brass ceiling plate repeating the trefoil-and scallop edging of the crown-ring on the shade and the ornamental girdle on the font, fitted with two pierced alar-form scrolled cast-brass plates anchoring a stamped brass smoke-bell, and secured respectively to the harp supports, allowing the height of the lamp to adjust. The burner is fitted with a frosted colorless glass chimney, but the center has been replaced by an electric-socket which is connected to a colorless cord running along one of the brass chains to the ceiling plate. A thumbwheel designed to operate a gear-mechanism for controlling the height of the fuel wick is stamped with an abbreviated April 30, 1895 patent date, “APR 30 ‘95.” Dating is late 19th Century to the early 20th Century. Good condition. The lamp measures 16 ½" tall, not inclusive of the chains. The shade is 5 ½" tall and 13 ½" diameter. The wheel-cut glass pendants each measure 4" long.

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