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Royal Doulton "The Old Balloon Seller" figurine

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20th Century
Description and Overview 

English Royal Doulton Old Balloon Seller painted bone china figurine. Designed in 1929 by L. Harradine, designated HN1315 by Doulton, this figure has become the iconic representative for Royal Doulton figurines. She is shown on page 189 of of Royal Doulton Figures by Desmond Eyeles and Richard Dennis.

An old woman with wrinkled fair skin, sits on a brown-wooden box as she offers balloons and flowers for sale, gazing downward and to the right, momentarily distracted from waiting, holding a bunch of round balloons held by her left hand; accompanied by a handled basket of flowers resting upon the ground on her right. She is pale, but with a slight touch of pink in her cheeks and on her lips. Her eyes are grey matching the color of her hair, neatly parted in the middle and worn beneath a black cap adorned with a garland of cranberry-red, yellow and lavender colored flowers around the front. She wears a long-sleeve cranberry-red blouse with black buttons in front, and a black neckerchief tied in front, warmed by a blue-green shawl crisply edged in black above a short lavender and cranberry-red colored fringe. A long blue-green skirt matching the color of the shawl is covered in front by a white apron. The tips of black shoes appear below the hem of the skirt. The balloons are round in colors of dark-yellow, light-green, purple, and cranberry-red. The brown wicker-woven basket is filled with flowers of lavender, yellow and cranberry-red like those on her hat.

Made by Royal Doulton in Burslem, England, dating is after 1929. The bottom surface has an underglaze printed dark-green marking, accompanied by two hand-painted light-green overglaze markings, the alphanumerical designation of the figurine, “HN1315,” and the initial of the individual artist, “B.” The printed marking is composed of a trademark stacked above the title of the figurine, “THE//‘OLD BALLOON’// SELLER.” The trademark is configured with a crowned lion standing upon a diadem with a braided base, dividing a country-of-origin inscription, "MADE IN ENGLAND" arching above a circular figure composed of the tradename "ROYAL DOULTON" barred above the country-of-origin "ENGLAND” enclosing a quatrefoil-device formed by four intersecting iterations of the initial “D”; above the type-of-ware “BONE CHINA.”

Good condition. Measures 7 ¼" tall, 6 3/8" wide and 3 ¾" deep.

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