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Royal Copenhagen "Polar Bear Cub Standing" porcelain figurine

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20th Century
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Danish Royal Copenhagen Polar Bear Cub Standing painted porcelain figurine.

The painting is rendered by hand, underglaze. The white fur of the bear is achieved by the natural color of the porcelain, and facial features detailed with black eyes, grey muzzle and a tan colored nose. As a finishing touch, the claws are grey.

Made by Royal Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark, c. 1923. The bottom surface is overglaze printed in dark-green with a trademark composed of a diadem, above the country-of-origin, “DENMARK,” accompanied by an underglaze dark-blue printed trademark consisting of three stacked wavy lines, underglaze hand-painted initials “LLY” of the original artist, and the dark-green overglaze numerical factory designation, “535”

Good condition. Measures 3 ¼" tall, 6" long and 3 ¼" deep. (PL1)

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