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Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted Open Lace" round porcelain serving bowl

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19th Century
Description and Overview 

Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Full Lace pattern blue-and-white painted porcelain round serving bowl.

The Blue Fluted pattern by Royal Copenhagen features a blank molded with bands of narrow bands of flutes radiating around a large plain center, cresting at a rim edge which is either smooth (designated as Blue Fluted Plain) or scalloped with an embossed border of “lace” which is defined as a chain of ovals punctuated with dot-petal flowers, incorporating dotted scallops. When the pattern uses open “lace,” it is designated as Blue Fluted Full Lace. When the “lace” is closed or solid, it is designated as Blue Fluted Half Lace. The blue-painted portion of the pattern features a double-lined blazed medallion containing a single large round-petal stemmed blossom which is repeated anchoring a scrolling vine paneled in a fluted border. The round-petal flowers have blue-shaded petals, accompanied by branches with tiny oval blue leaves. The vine in each of the border panels arches from the left of the anchoring flower, angles sharply upward and away, branching sharply at a leafy offshoot and continuing in a long trail arching over the flower, bearing three leafy offshoots interspersed with a small round-petal blossom. The central medallion is blazed by a serrate linear fringe. The border panels are divided by evenly spaced lines that connect this fringe with small triangular figures along the rim. These figures are either simple partitioned triangles inverted from a lined “plain” rim, or molded shaded blue-painted triangular figures of fishscale underlying dotted scallops in a border of “lace” which, in turn, is underlined and accented with blue on the dot-petal flowers.

Executed in the Blue Fluted Full Lace pattern, this bowl has hemispherical walls upturned from a low round foot-rim, bordered by a “lacy” chain of 48 open pierced ovals incorporating sixteen dotted scallops. The inner surface and exterior of the walls are each pattern-decorated with four scrolling vines paneled over two staggered bands of narrow rounded flutes. The central medallion appears only on the interior, and conforms to the round shape of the dish. As a finishing touch, the foot rim is lined in gold.

Made by Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory, Ltd., in Copenhagen, Denmark, dating c. 1870-1890. The bottom surface is underglaze hand-painted in cobalt-blue with a mark of three stacked wavy lines beside the number “19” which probably designates the shape. Good condition. Measures 2 ¼" tall and 8" diameter.

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