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"The Proposal" pair of porcelain courting figurines

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20th Century
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Tall pair of hand-painted porcelain figurines, The Proposal, depicting an 18th Century young fair-skinned couple of the gentry, a lady accepts a golden ring from a gentleman who holds the box.

Each figure is supported by a shaded brown stump, standing upon a scalloped oval plinth sculpted with a chain of six “C”-scrolls accented with gold, and strewn with pastel-colored rose-blossoms accompanied by small oval light-green leaves, applied upon a light-green ground bordered with air-brushed gold.

The gentleman stands with feet spread, supported by an exposed stump which is accented with air-brushed gold, bending at the waist slightly with right-foot forward and extending over the edge of the plinth; turning his gaze toward his lady as he gestures toward an open light-green box which he proffers in his left hand. He has curly golden locks tied in a pony-tail with a light-pink bow-tied ribbon, piercing black eyes, rosy cheeks and small pursed pink lips. He wears a black Napoleonic style hat, an aqua-blue long jacket accented with a pink-colored ruffled scarf jacket, a white vest, yellow knee-breeches paneled with meandering vines divided by beaded purple stripes, white stockings and low-top black shoes with gold buckles. The hat is embellished with a white ruffled border edged in air-brushed gold, and a light-blue band ornamented with gold flowerheads. The jacket is lined in tan repeated in cuffs which are trimmed with a wide white ruffle.

 The lady bends slightly to acknowledge the gift, looking at her lover, and lifting her full-length skirt with her left hand to move toward him, revealing a white stocking with a low-top pink shoe stepping over the edge of the plinth; bringing the golden band toward her with her right hand. Like her swain, she has long curly golden hair, trailing down her neck, black eyes, and rosy cheeks matching her lips. She wears a light-blue feathered bonnet, a pink low-neck top with white sleeves, and an aqua-blue skirt patterned with colorful floral bouquets. The hat is ornamented with white feathers enriched with a gold border, banded with a wide pink ribbon tied in a bow at the back, and anchoring a narrow pink chin-strap. The top has a wide ruffled collar, and a black insert laced in white. A light green fan with black ends, trimmed in gold, hangs open from a doubled cranberry-red tasseled cord wrapped around her left forearm.

 Dating is after 1950. The bottom surface of each figure is overglaze printed in light-blue with a trademark composed of the intertwined initials “N” and “C,” accompanied by a dark-red printed design alphanumeric “6939A.” Good condition. The lady measures 16" tall and the gentleman measures 15" tall; the plinth on each measures 5" long and 4 ¾" wide.

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