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Pair of French Rococo Revival chairs

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19th Century


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Pair of French Rococo Revival upholstered side chairs, each with a richly carved finger-molded walnut frame, having a padded curved round-bottomed shield-form back featuring a serpentine-shaped crest-rail defined by two edge-carved “C”-scrolls centering two nested pierce-carved smaller “C”-scrolls embellished by two rayed flowerheads, supported upon an arching rail keyed with an anthemion, branching from scrolled leaf-carved stiles nested with pairs of pierce-carved “C”-scrolls. A serpentine-shaped upholstered seat has a conforming rail which is underlined by a trail of “C”-scrolls, embellished with lappets across the front and side, centering a pair of acanthus-flowers, and trailing down the two front cabriole-shaped legs each ornamented with a large rayed flowerhead at the knee anchoring a leaf, and terminating in a scrolled peg foot. Two cabriole-shaped rear legs each terminate with a scrolled peg foot.
The padded back and upholstered seat are each covered with a two-tone cream colored satin fabric decorated in tones of pale-pink and light-green with ribboned bouquet of roses fitted to a diamond-netting of “C”-scrolls and flowering vines.
Dating is c. 1860-1880. Fair to good condition with an older light-brown finish that is very dry. The crest-rail on one chair has been cracked-off and professionally restored. The larger flower carved on the crest-rail of the other chair is chipped. Each chair measures 35 ½" tall; the seat is 19 ½" tall, 18 ½" wide and 15 ½" deep.

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