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English George III Mahogany Bowfront Sideboard

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18th Century
2015 Spring Furniture Sale
Description and Overview 
Engilsh George III mahogany bowfront sideboard, inlaid overall with satinwood and boxwood stringing.  The single board top ios banded with satinwood and has bahogany banding on the perimeters.  The central friezwe drawer is above an arched tambour door.  These are flanked by a hinged cellarette door on the right, appearing as two conformng stacked drawers.aqnd by two staqcked drawers on the left.  Each drawer, and the faux drawers are lined with satinwood, have a central brass escutcheon and large brass lion-head ring pulls.  The six legs are square and tapered and each has two lines of boxwood banding just abover the foot.  The secondary wood is white oak.
Dating is c. 1780.  Restorations to the top.  The tambour interior has a false bottom that can be removed by screws.  One leg was broken and has had a metal rod inserted into it.  The lion pulls appear on other George III Sideboards, and are probably replacements from the 19th Century. The top retains an old age crack. Circa 1780.
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