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Danish Bing and Grondahl "Golden Eagle" porcelain figurine

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20th Century
Description and Overview 

Fine Danish Bing and Grondahl hand-painted porcelain Golden Eagle figurine, standing alerted, with head turned to the right, and wings released, revealing a muscular body and powerful legs ending in sharply taloned feet.

The painting is rendered by hand, underglaze, appropriately bonding with the naturalistic modeling. The feathers are grey-brown flecked with lighter, deepening to black in the tail. The hooked beak is grey emerging from a tan mouth. Similarly, the talons are tan with grey claws.

Made by Bing and Grondahl in Copenhagen, Denmark, c. 1970-1983. The bottom surface is overglaze printed in dark-green with a trademark overlying the underglaze dark-blue printed abbreviated manufacturer name, “B & G,” accompanied by the factory numeric designation, “1925” which is hand-painted in dark-green beside the initials of the individual artist, “ES.” The trademark is composed of three centrally graduated pointed towers centered above the abbreviated manufacturer name, "B & G,” encircled by the tradename, “COPENHAGEN PORCELAIN,” above the country-of-origin, "MADE IN DENMARK."

Good condition. Measures 8 ½" tall, 8" long and 5 ½" wide. (MP)

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