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American work table in cherry with birdseye maple

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19th Century


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American 19th Century work table, having a four board cherry top fitted with two hinged rectangular drop leaves, overhanging a cherry case fitted with two bird’seye maple drawers, supported on four legs each turned with two rings spooled above a round pillar, finishing with a spooled vasiform above a ring over a spooled ball foot. The drawers are each mounted with two round turned cherry “mushroom”-shaped knobs. Dating is c. 1830 1850. Mortised construction with dovetailed drawer joinery. Poplar secondary wood. The drop leaves are supported by rectangular rests pivoting from the case. Good overall condition with an older mellow reddish brown finish, golden brown on the bird's eye drawers. Measures 28 ¾" tall, 24 ¾" wide and 22 ¼" deep with both drop leaves folded down; 43" wide with both drop leaves folded up.

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