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American Willets Belleek vase with roses

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19th Century


Description and Overview 

American Ceramic Arts Company Belleek hand-painted vase, a dramatic shape having a waisted neck drawn from inverted semi-ovate walls which are annulated upon a short waisted pedestal molded foot, decorated in an Art Nouveau style with a large blossoming three-color rose vine against a light yellow-green ground becoming light grey-green touched with light-brown and light-blue behind the foliage, and deepening to dark grey-green over the neck and foot. The vine has magenta-colored stems bearing large ball-shaped flowers of light-pink, yellow and cranberry-red, accompanied by pointed oval leaves of light-green touched with light-brown, paling with recession into the background. Originating upon the shoulders, the vine produces a large foliate cluster of leaves with four blossoms, two pink roses with a yellow rose and a red rose, accompanied by two trailing issues, a short issue with several leaves twined with a longer sinuous issue curling to the foot with two newly opening pink flowers; continuing counterclockwise to the opposing side of the vase with a smaller foliate cluster having a yellow and a pink rose with leaves, accompanied by two short intertwined trailing issues respectively producing leaves and a newly opening pink flower. Made by The Ceramic Art Company in Trenton, New Jersey, c. 1894-1906. The bottom surface is underglaze printed in dark-green with a trademark which is configured with a circled cipher of the manufacturer initials in cursive, overlaid off-center at the top with an artist's brush and heart-shaped palette, above the type of ware, "BELLEEK." Good condition. Measures 13" tall and 5" diameter.

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