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American silver-plated figural napkin ring with cat and yarn-ball

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19th Century
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American Meriden Silver Plate Company silver-plated figural napkin ring, the figure of a house hat playing with a ball of yarn, beside a ring die-stamped with four repeating floral figures each comprised of an narrow angled panel flanked on the right by a bouquet featuring a large peony and on the left by a bouquet with a large poppy-type flower.

Attributed to Meriden Silver Plate Company in Meriden, Connecticut, c. 1869-1900. An identical napkin ring is shown on the upper row at the far right in plate 8 of Figural Napkin Rings by Gottschalk and Whitson. Good overall condition. The silver on the napkin ring is moderately worn. Measures 1 ¾" tall, 3 ¼" deep and 2 ¼" wide.

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