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American Heinz Art Metal bronze vase with silver overlay

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20th Century
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Fine American Heinz Art Metal Studio small mixed metal vase, in bronze reflecting a Japanese influence, with stream-lined semi-ovate walls overlaid with a sterling silver impressionistic rose branch issuing a large blossom opening above short branches with a small number of leaves expressed with branch-veining silhouetted in pointed oval outlines.

Made by Heinz Art Metal Studio in Chicago, Illinois, 1912-1935; retailed by Ovington in New York, New York. The bottom surface is stamped with a trademark incorporating the initials of the manufacturer in a diamond, accompanied by the type-of-ware and abbreviated patent indication for August 27, 1912, “STERLING//ON BRONZE” above “PAT. AUG 27 ‘12.,” a design/shape alphanumeric “3643B,” and a retailer trademark composed of an oval enclosing the name and street location “OVINGTON//FIFTH AVENUE” above the city location “NEW YORK.”

The trademark is configured with the initials “H” and “M” intertwined between the initials “A” and “S.” This form of trademark is described on page 527 of The Official Identification and Price Guide to Arts and Crafts, First Edition, by Bruce Johnson, and attributed to Heinz Art Metal Shop in Chicago, Illinois; c. 1905-1935. Moreover, the initialed portion of the trademark is shown on page 149 of Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers, revised fourth edition by Rainwater and Redfield, and attributed by the authors to Heinz Art Metal Shop listed in Jeweler's Circular from 1915-1922, and not listed after 1935. Founded in 1892, the Robbins Company initially produced presidential campaign buttons, growing to include greater than 20 product lines. According to the Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers, revised fourth edition by Rainwater and Redfield, during the last quarter of the 20th Century, the company concentrated on “emblems, service and safety awards, badges, commemorative materials, medallions, insignia, religious and organizational jewelry, advertising specialties, souvenirs, premiums and costume jewelry.” Good condition, retaining a rich two-tone bronze patina. Measures 5" tall and 2 3/8" diameter. (JS1)

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